MM Nursery as plant producers and sellers.

We started our journey as plant producers generations back. It was our late grandfather Mr. Jacob Moothedan as a traveler and entrepreneur collected the seeds of Mangosteen and Rambutan from Ceylon in early 20th century and planted across Pariyaram, a place known for origin of Mangosteen in Kerala. Since then, the seeds and saplings were distributed to many people without any profit motive.

Now it is our turn, under guidance of Mr. Thomas Moothedan to lead plant production in professional manner to cater larger people. We have found our first business unit in the mid of 2000 near Chalakudy. And the staff count was increased from 2 to 15 as of now, 2021. With an experience of 21 years as producers and sellers we place quality on top of quantity always. We thank to all our generous customers who continuously choose us as their nursery partners.

We are located at a beautiful place called Pariyaram on Chalakudy- Athirippali road, which is known for best tourist place because of Athirapally waterfalls. Our farms are easily accessible and welcoming any Eco friendly travelers and plant lovers. Come, visit us, we will serve you better.

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Saplings from Mother plants

MM Nursery always focus on the quality of seeds . We collect the seedlings from deep forests and matured trees of western ghats. That gives assured results of yielding and fruiting at predictable stage of plants.

step 02

Asexual reproduction

MM Nursery carefully chooses the budding stem from mother plants which provides good yield, thus , the plant yields at its mature age, no matter what the sex of the plant is. We use the wild variety bud stem to have accurate resistance to many tropical plant diseases.

step 03

Utilization of Experienced knowledge

MM Nursery follows the expertise knowledge over various horticulture techniques. We have experienced staffs in this field, who all have big say in method of cultivation. We are people oriented farm where we try to inculcate the knowledge of experienced farmers and experts. /p>

Meet Our Team

a green colour end symbol of header boarder. one of the best budget farm in Thrissur , Kerala.

Review by a customer Hari Prasad

It’s an awesome place to buy any type of plants which is bud type or pure seeds. I needed some Nutmeg plants actually and just visited this place, I don't have any word to explain the variety of plants they are having. They having Mangosteen also ...!! Which is even very rare to get here. Well I started to take plants from their Nursery, over 300 nutmegs I bought here in my place and barely three of them just lost because those are removed from cover before planting. Most astonishing thing I noticed which the owner Mr. Thomas , he is very friendly man he even called me several times after I took my purchase for helping me about planting and giving me tips as well. I introduced some of my friends also, they contacted and made purchase of Mangosteen. The guy who named Mr. Midhun, he will be the one attending the call first, is young and highly educated. He will be giving an exact idea about all plants they have, If the transportation to the buyer's place is not possible by them, they will tell us that moment itself is impossible. No false promises and they keep very good relationship with their clients until you plants gets started growing successfully, because they helped me in such way. Authorised signature of Midhun Thomson , COO of the MMnursery. The best budget farm in Kerala. Best tropical fruit nursery. Hari Prasad Idukki

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a green colour end symbol of header boarder. one of the best budget farm in Thrissur , Kerala.

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